Common Questions

This is only a list of questions the Association Members commonly ask the HOA Board or Community Management, it is by no means a comprehensive list. Review the Association documents for a more complete understanding of compliance. Still have questions after reviewing? Contact Us, we are here to help.

All exterior projects (projects that will visibly affect the outward appearance of the property) must be submitted to the Brighton at Mill Creek Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for approval in advance of beginning the work.

The Covenants allow the Association Review Committee a full thirty (30) days to process requests. We understand that can be viewed to be a long time and the committee works hard to make sure that all requests are processed and you receive an answer within a week or two of submitting. The additional time allows the Committee to request and you to properly answer any questions they may have before any work commences.

All exterior work (including, but not limited to, exterior painting, roof replacement, fences, arbors, storage sheds, playhouses, gazebos, satellite dishes, lighting, and significant landscaping) requires approval by the Brighton at Mill Creek Architectural Control Committee prior to the commencement of any work.

Don’t know if your project needs approval or how to submit a form? Check the Common Questions asked, review our Association Documents, and Submit an approval form through our Homeowner Portal. Still need help? Contact Us, we are here to help.

Most of the common projects we find in Brighton that require a permit from the city are:

  • One story accessory buildings such as storage sheds, playhouses or other similar uses that are over 200 sq. ft.
  • Decks more than 30″ above grade, including repairs
  • Fences
  • Re-roofs
  • Tree removal
  • Exterior doors, windows and skylights that require a new opening
  • Interior remodels
  • Gas piping
  • Irrigation systems
  • Furnaces (replacement or conversion)
  • Water heater replacement
  • Rockeries or retaining walls over 4 ft. in height

For a more comprehensive list and further information please see the city’s website at the City Permits Page or call 425-745-1891.

Yard landscaping shall be kept to maintain a neat and attractive appearance. Ways of maintaining the neat and attractive appearance are:

  1. Lawns mowed weekly during growing season or as needed and kept free of weeds to maintain a neat and well cared for appearance.
  2. Dead spots repaired on lawn surfaces.
  3. Edges along sidewalks and other paved areas, as well as around flower beds, maintained with neat and clean appearance.
  4. Lawn clippings removed from sidewalks and driveway.
  5. Landscaping beds maintained with well-defined edges and kept free of weeds and debris.
  6. Vegetation removed from cracks in sidewalks and driveways.
  7. All bushes and trees continually kept trimmed.

Ref: MCMC 12.06.040 and 12.06.060, BMC CC&R  Article IV Section 1.1.15

Street Trees in the adjacent right-of-way (sidewalk) are the responsibility of the homeowners to keep the tree watered during the growing season and all limbs 7 ft and lower removed. The HOA maintains and prunes anything above 7 ft

Ref:  MCMC Chapter 12.060, BMC Street Tree and Right-of-Way Policy

Yes. It is the homeowners responsibility to water and maintain that area to keep at a neat and healthy appearance. The strip should be kept weed free, edged on a regular basis, any dead spots fixed, and fertilized when needed. The street tree should be watered during the growing season and any low hanging limbs, 7 feet and below, should be removed by the home owner.

Ref: MCMC Chapter 12.060, BMC Street Tree Right-of-Way policy

If you can’t see the dish from the street or sidewalk, the simple answer is no, there is no need for approval. If it can be seen from the street or sidewalk, acceptable locations include the upper portion of the rear third of the sides or roof of the house and the upper wall or roof of the rear of the house, this does not require approval. If another location is desired than approval from the board will be required.

The FCC rules allow associations to create guidelines that can include a prioritized list for placement of the dish which the HOA can enforce through the BMC Enforcement Fine Policy if not followed.

If you have an single unused dish, second or third dish that is no longer in use it must be removed with 60 days of termination of service per the Satellite Location Guidelines and is subject to enforcement. Note that the service provider puts the responsibility of removal and disposal of dishes on the homeowner. The dishes can be recycled any local recycling or e-waste location.

Ref: BMC Satellite Location Guidelines, FCC FAQ website

Brighton at Mill Creek has primarily a complaint-based enforcement system. Possible violations may be identified by periodic inspections by the Community Manager or the Board, by an Owner’s written compliant, or by other reasonably reliable means.

Correcting compliance issues at the lowest possible level is in the best interests of the Association because it reduces the amount of administrative time necessary to deal with infractions, lessens the duration of infractions, and may save in legal expense. It also promotes a harmonious living environment. If the voluntary compliance does not work, then the next step would be two written warnings with the second one advising they are subject to a $100 fine. If the written warnings do not work then the board would proceed with additional weekly fines. The board will then also have the ability to correct the violation on its own at the owners expense.

If you feel that an owner is out of compliance send an email to the Community Management address with a picture and an explanation of the matter to be investigated. All complaints are shared with the Board and owners names are kept confidential.

Ref: BMC Fine Policy

All houses and structures including fences shall be maintained in good repair. Exterior paint shall not be moldy, water stained, peeled or blistered, faded, uneven, blotched or weathered. Fences shall not have rotted posts and/or defective or loose boards.

Ref: BMC CC&R Article IV Section 1.1.7, BMC Fence Policy

Simple answer is yes, you will most likely need both as the city has designated many of the large trees as preservation trees which may or may not be marked on the actual tree or it maybe part of a property buffer where it will need to be retained. The city will require a permit. It’s best to call the city for the permit and notify the Community Management of the problem tree and your desire to want it removed. By not notifying both you risk receiving fines from either the city or Association, or both, along with any added costs if a new tree needs to planted in its place.

Ref: MCMC 15.10.020, BMC CC&R Article III Sections 1.4 and 1.5

Containers may not be visible from any neighboring property unless they are being made available for collection and then for only for a period of time not exceeding 15 hours, which is a reasonable time to effect collection. Yard debris of any kind or other waste or litter must be properly and promptly disposed of and not allowed to linger in yards, driveways, the street, or shall it be taken to or disposed of in common areas.

Ref: BMC CC&R Article IV Section 1.1.9

Yes, if it’s in a standard container at all times and the container is out of sight from any street or neighboring property and is promptly removed on collection day. No trash or any other debris can be kept outside of a standard container.

Ref: BMC CC&R Article IV Section 1.1.6 and  1.1.9

Yes, all storage buildings and sheds either temporary or permanent require approval by the Brighton at Mill Creek ACC. A project approval form will need to be submitted and approved before any assembly or placement can commence.

Ref: BMC CC&R Article IV Section 1.1.5

The City of Mill Creek does not allow any storage on the streets and since the streets in Brighton are city streets homeowners are to follow the city ordinance and violations are under jurisdiction of the city. City ordinance states that no trailers or boats unattached to a vehicle are not to be stored on the street at any time. Trailers or boats that are attached to a vehicle cannot be parked for more than 24 hours.

Any large vehicle requires a temporary permit from the City of Mill Creek for parking on the street. The city can issue up-to 4, 24 hour permits, per month, and no permit will be issued for consecutive 24-hour periods. Or, 1, 96 hour per month permit.

Per Brighton of Mill Creek’s Governing documents, boats, RV’s, and trailers can be parked temporarily in a driveway but for no more than 72 hours collective in one month and cannot block any right-of-way or impede on a neighboring property at any time.

Ref:  MCMC 10.12.120, 10.12.130, 10.12.180, 10.12.185, BMC CC&R Article IV Section  1.1.10

Winter holiday lights and decorations are permitted between the first day of November and the last day of January. Such lights and decorations shall not be permitted between the first day of February and the last day of October. Decorations for any other holiday must be removed no later than one week after the holiday ends. Continuous lights are not permitted for extended periods of time outside any holiday or event.

No, posting of notices of any kind on mailbox stands is not permitted. Fasteners and adhesives damage and add to the maintenance cost of the mailbox stands and because of the lack of coverage can create windblown or rain-soaked trash.

Brighton follows the MCCA policies which garage sales are only allowed on the first Saturday of May and first Saturday of October of each year.

Political signs may be located on a homeowner’s property subject to the following prohibitions: Sign cannot be any bigger than 5 square feet, no closer than 10 feet from the closest property line, cannot be placed in any common area, placed for more than 30 days prior to a special, primary, or general election, and remain for more than two days following a special, primary, or general election.

Yes. Brighton pond which is the large retention pond (there’s a second smaller retention pond along 35th which is not), the pocket park next to and walkway through Brighton pond, the pedestrian walkway out to Highland trails off 31st Dr. SE, and the area between houses along 31st Dr. SE and adjacent Cottonwood neighborhood are.

Please be sure that no debris is deposited and no clearing, cutting or alteration of natural growth occurs as any violation in these areas are subject to a fine issued by the City of Mill Creek.

Ref: MCMC Chapter 18.06

Homeowners with properties butting up to the natural growth and 50 ft buffer areas may clear an area not to exceed two feet from their property line of underbrush without the necessity of obtaining City of Mill Creek and Board approval.

Invasive growth such as blackberries, ivy, and scotch broom may be removed from protected wetland areas without the necessity of obtaining Board approval. Any other clearing, cutting, alteration or removal of any natural growth is prohibited and is subject to a fine issued by the City of Mill Creek.

It’s highly encouraged by the Board and Management to contact and discuss any removal in these areas before any work commences as this is something that the city pays close attention to and there are serious fines and penalties that can be issued.

Ref: MCMC Chapter 15.10, BMC CC&R Article III Section 1.4

Window and other air conditioning units may not be visible from any street

You will need to call the city as that is under the jurisdiction of the city. (425) 745-1891

You will need to call the Mill Creek Police as that is under their jurisdiction. (425) 775-3000

You will need to call the Mill Creek Police as it’s under their jurisdiction and they will send out the Police Support Officer to issue a ticket if the car is still there (425) 775-3000.

Common parking issues are cars parking closer than 20 ft from a cross walk or over the crosswalk, closer than 5 ft from a driveway or area of the curb lowered for access to the sidewalk, blocking the mail boxes, and parked on the curb or grass strips.

RCW 46.61.570

You will need to call 911 if it’s serious or as a complaint to the Mill Creek Police as that is under their jurisdiction. (425) 775-3000

All streets in Brighton are city streets and follow city laws and restrictions. The City of Mill Creek only allows vehicles to be parked in the street for no longer than 24 hours.

Any parking issues are under the jurisdiction of the Mill Creek Police and they will be the ones to contact. (425) 775-3000

Assessments are paid annually and are due no later than January 31st each year. Assessments are delinquent if not received by February 15th, and a late fee of 25% of the balance due will be assessed at that time.  In addition, the association shall impose interest of 1% per month on any unpaid balances, beginning thirty (30) days past the original due date. All late fees and interest shall be due and payable immediately, without notice, and shall be the personal obligation of the owner(s) of the lot(s) for which such assessment or installment is unpaid.

Ref: BMC CC&R Article II Section 10.9

There’s an annual meeting, usually in the spring, and a budget ratification meeting that’s usually in the fall. The Community Management Company will notify members dates and information prior to these meetings.